Elizabeth II, Silver Proof Pound in capsule, 1988. FDC

The so-called 'Spade Guinea' Pound
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In 1988, the Royal Mint issued a new Pound coin, the reverse of this coin had a shield-shaped like the old Spade Guinea, therefore it became known as the Spade Guinea Pound.
They also issued a smaller number for collectors in Proof Sterling Silver and it is this collector’s edition that we offer you here. You have the so-called Maklouf bust of the Queen on the obverse and the Spade Guinea type shield on the reverse.
These coins are now nearly 30 years old and if you know someone having a birthday or wedding anniversary from 1988, these make excellent and unique gifts.
Each Proof Sterling Silver 1988 Pound comes in a protective capsule to keep it as nice as the day it was issued.