Elizabeth II, Silver Piedfort Pound Special, 1984

In 1983 the Royal Mint issued its first ever non Gold pound coin, in 1984 they issued their second ever non Gold pound. It is this second coin that we are now offering to you. It was the start of a series of four coins and the coins on offer are the Special Collectors Edition struck in Piedfort Proof Sterling Silver. Each coin comes in a protective capsule with a Royal Mint case. These beautiful Proof Silver versions of the pound in your pocket, quickly sold out. Even our supply is very limited.
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Picture of Elizabeth II, £2 Piedfort, 1997

Elizabeth II, £2 Piedfort, 1997

In 1997 the Royal Mint issued the first of the current bi-metallic £2 pieces, the problem was how to strike them for collectors in Silver. The answer was to strike them in Sterling Silver and then to gold plate the outer ring so it would look like a bi-metallic piece. Many collectors have overlooked this series and to be honest we just don’t know why. The first of any series is important and these especially for the difficulty that the Mint faced in striking them. Here we offer the Piedfort Sterling Silver Proof £2.