1984 Royal Mint set

Brilliant Uncirculated 8 coin set in original card folder
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In 1984 both the Mint and Proof Sets contained five coins that were not released for circulation. You have the last Halfpence ever to be struck, a denomination that had been made since the time of King Edward I. Also the 2p, 5p, 10p and 50p coins were not struck for circulation.

This is the last set of coins with the Machin bust of the Queen, the next year the Maklouf portrait was used. We have a nice group of these Scarce Mint Sets all in their full colour Royal Mint package.

Besides the coins not struck for circulation, you also get the £1, 20p and 1p. We think this is a much under-appreciated set and one that is getting harder and harder to find. Supplies are limited and remember you get five coins that were not struck for circulation.

If this set were an American set it would cost in the hundreds and hundreds of dollars.