1984 2p Unc

The 1984 Halfpence, Two Pence, Five Pence, Ten Pence and Fifty Pence were not struck for circulation. The only way to get one of these coins is to buy a Mint Set or Proof Set and break it up. They only made 158,820 of the Mint Set with the coins in Specimen Brilliant Uncirculated condition. That makes these coins some of the lowest mintage coins around. Offered here is the Twopence in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
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1986 10 Pence, Brilliant Uncirculated

Never issued for circulation and only available from mint sets.

Elizabeth II 50p, 1973 Proof

In 1973 the Royal Mint issued its first ever commemorative 50 Pence, in fact it is the only large sized 50p that is a commemorative. It was for our joining the European Community, good for some bad for others, but still the first and only large sized 50p commemorative. It was issued in Proof cupronickel only, not silver, not gold, just the same metal as the regular circulating coins. Gosh in those days the Royal Mint wasn't trying to sell every metal in the world. We can offer this commemorative 50p from 1973 in Proof condition. They are now over 45 years old.

St Helena 50p 1984 Prince Andrew Unc

In April of 1984 Prince Andrew visited the island of St. Helena, as a member of the Armed Forces. This was two years before his marriage to Miss Sarah Ferguson known to us all as Fergie. It features the Queens portrait and the denomination of 50p on the obverse and of course the portrait of Prince Andrew along with the date on the reverse. St. Helena is best known as the place that Napoleon died.