1982 Royal Mint Proof Set

7-coin set in original case
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In 1982 the Royal Mint decided to change the denomination of our coins. From 1971-1981 the denomination was ‘New Pence’, in 1982 they decided to remove the word ‘New’ and just call them Pence. The only problem was that they didn’t bother to tell anyone this.

So when the 1982 Proof Sets came out, all the collectors started calling and asking was there something wrong with the coins, as they didn’t say New Pence. It took a little while to find out that the Mint had changed the denomination and then peace broke out.

This Proof Set also contains the first 20 Pence since the Double Florin of 1887. It also contains the 2p, 5p and 10p coins that were not issued for circulation. If this were an American Proof Set these coins would sell for over $100 each!

You get the complete 1982 Proof Set in the Royal Mint packaging, including the first 20p, the 2p, 5p and 10p not issued for circulation.

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