Elizabeth II, Silver Jubilee Crown Coloured, 1977

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee, 1952-1977, something that was last achieved by her Grandfather King George V in 1935. The Royal Mint issued a special commemorative crown to honour the event in 1977. We have the cupro-nickel version that was actually issued as money, but it has been artistically coloured to highlight all the details. You have the Queen sitting on her horse, reminiscent of her Coronation Crown of 1953. The crowns have then been painted in colours to highlight the design of the crown. These are first quality examples, not some of the second quality pieces that were offered in the past.
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St. Helena, Napoleonic Wars Set of 6

This is the final collection of Crowns issued by St. Helena about Napoleon. St. Helena is a very small island in the Atlantic Ocean half way between Africa and South America. It is always known as the place that Napoleon died and where he was buried for many years. It is a very remote island and almost impossible to attack. This set of six Crowns depicts his wars. They are silver plated; you have Napoleon with his hand in his shirt and below you have the troops marching with bayonets flashing. Each piece has a full colour rendition of a battle. Here we are offering the set without the wooden box they normally come in, therefore the price is reduced to reflect this.

Elizabeth II, 40th Anniv £5 Coin Uncirculated, 1993

Cupro-nickel £5 commemorative issued in 1993. Uncirculated

Tristan da Cunha 2011, Proof Crown

Gold plated proof Crown issued by Tristan da Cunha in 2011 to honour H. M. Queen Elizabeth II being our oldest reigning Monarch ever. It also comes in the original capsule as issued.