1953 Coronation Mint Set in presentation folder

10-coin set from Crown to farthing in Uncirculated condition
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In 1953 for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II the Royal Mint issued new coins with her portrait on them. These coins could only be issued after the Coronation. To make them even more interesting the legend on the 1953 issue is unique and only used for one year. The sets were issued in plastic, which over the years has grown brittle and cracked. We have taken the sets out of their broken plastic and put them into a handsome presentation package, so you can see both sides of the coins. All coins are in Uncirculated condition but over the past 60 years and because they were in plastic, they have mellowed a little.
You get the Coronation Crown, Halfcrown, Florin, English Shilling, Scottish Shilling, Sixpence, and Brass Threepence, Penny, Halfpenny and Farthing, all dated 1953 and all with the unique legend. We have seen the crown being offered on its own for about £30.00, so we believe that this complete Coronation Mint Set in presentation package is good value.