George V, Silver Florin, 1922

Tutankhamun’s tomb is discovered by Howard Carter, giving rise to the story of the Curse of Tutankhamun. The world’s largest hydroelectric station opens in Canada near Niagara Falls. Mahatma Gandhi is jailed for six years for civil disobedience. It is 1922 and our King is George V, our coinage is still being struck in Silver, although it is only 500 fine since 1920 and Mussolini and his Black Shirt march on Rome. To commemorate this year we are offering the hardest denomination of 1922 to get the Silver Florin. This is also the year that the ‘Flapper Girl’ takes America by storm. The 1922 Florins on offer are in Very Good to Fine condition and are now some 97 years old. Treat yourself, after all, haven’t you always wanted to live during the time of the flappers?
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St. Thomas & Prince Scarce Crown

In 1985St. Thomas & Prince issued a cupro-nickel crown or 100 Dobras to honour their 10th anniversary of Independence. It is a small and fascinating island, however, getting coins or banknotes from there is almost impossible. Two banknote dealers who went there were put in jail accused of money laundering. So this Crown is even more interesting and important. I think it is the first crown we have had from St. Thomas & Prince. You have an outline picture of the island on one side and the coat of arms on the reverse with two birds holding it up. A most unusual and difficult crown to find, in fact, most of this country's coins are difficult to obtain...