1918 100th Anniv WW1 Aluminium Plain Edge

Some time ago we offered the set of crownsized pieces issued for the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War I. It has 8 different metals in the collection and the total mintage was just 100 sets. At the time we also mentioned that there was a set made with a plain edge, but we forgot to offer it to you. Again the mintage was just 100 sets and again we bought the entire mintage. This allows us to charge you far less than the man who made them was going to ask. At Coincraft if we buy right, you buy right. These are beautiful and to be honest, fantastic value. This is the Aluminium Plain Edge variant.
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Edward VIII 1937 Wreath Copper

This crownsized Patina or retro-pattern Crown carries on the tradition of King George V with his Wreath Crowns. These were low mintage crowns usually only issued at Christmas time for presents. Remember the Great Depression was on and money was tough as were the times for many people. As no coins would have been issued for King Edward VIII until 1937 this is historically an important Patina piece. Fully crownsized and struck in Proof copper it is rather beautiful. You have the bare head of the King, who was never crowned on one side and the wreath with crown on the other side.