1901 Halfpenny BU

Queen Victoria’s long reign ended in January 1901. So that the 1901 Penny, Halfpenny and Farthing are the last bronze coins made with her portrait. We have bought a small group of 1901 Halfpennies. A great tribute to a great Queen and the condition is so nice. Offered here in Brilliant Uncirculated.
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1888 Victorian Farthing U-BU

We have just bought a wonderful lot of 1888 Queen Victoria Farthings in Uncirculated -Brilliant Unc condition. They were issued the year after Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.They have the Young Head of Queen Victoria on the obverse and a handsome seated Britannia on the reverse. These coins are Uncirculated with lots of original lustre. The current catalogue price on these coins is £120.00 in Uncirculated. Get them whilst you can at our considerably more attractive price!

1944, George VI, Halfpenny. Unc. - Brill. Unc.

Bronze Halfpenny dated 1944 in between Uncirculated & Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

George VI Halfpenny 1937 Unc.

Bronze halfpenny featuring King George VI from 1937; condition is uncirculated