17th century token, Chichester, John Barnard 1/2d

Seventeenth Century Halfpenny Token, Sussex, Chichester. Issued by John Barnard, chandler, in 1669. Very FIne condition and RARE Obv. IOHN· BARNARD· TALLOW - HIS HALF PENY 1669 within beaded inner circle Rev. CHANDLER· IN · CHICHESTER : A man dipping candles within beaded inner circle Not listed in Williamson or Norweb.
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Rare, not listed in Williamson or Norweb. Dickinson 40A

This token only appears in Caldecott's 'Sussex Seventeenth-Century Tokens' listing of additions and corrections to Williamson in BNJ 23, 1938

The Barnards were evidently leading tallow-chandlers in Sussex; Richard Barnard at Horsham and John Barnard at Petworth both struck tokens; as the issuer of the present token was in the principal city, it may well be that he was the father and the other two his sons, especially as one of them has the same Christian name.

The Barnards are supposed to be descended from Bernardi, an Italian painter who painted the pictures in Chichester Cathedral.