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Elizabeth II, Scotland, Pair of Scottish Shillings BU, 1966

Most people think that the last pre-decimal coins struck for circulation were dated 1967, they would only be partly right. In fact most pre-decimal coins were last struck in 1967, that is except for the Shilling. The last Shilling struck for circulation was in 1966, they did not make any in 1967. They issued two different types of 1966 Shillings, the English reverse and the Scottish reverse. The coin on offer this issue is the Scottish 1966 Shilling in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. As the Shilling had a direct decimal equivalent they felt that they had enough of this denomination to fill all their needs at the time. We are offering you a pair (2 pieces) of the 1966 Scottish Shilling in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Why two pieces? So you can show the obverse and reverse at the same time

Elizabeth II, Scotland, Scottish Shilling BU, 1958

1958 Shilling with the Scottish reverse in Brilliant Uncirculated Condition.

George VI, Scotland, Shilling Uncirculated, 1946

Starting in 1937 the Royal Mint issued two types of Shillings each year, one with an English reverse and one with a Scottish reverse. The Scottish one is always the more difficult to get, as the mintages were always much lower than the English version. We offer the last year that the Scottish Shilling was struck in silver, 1946, to you in an incredible grade. They make an excellent souvenir of when money was money and it was struck in Silver. Offered here in uncirculated condition. Supplies are limited and this is the last Scottish Shilling ever struck.

Scotland, Alexander III, Penny Very Fine

Scotland, Alexander III (1249-1286) Second Coinage, Penny, Reverse REX SCOTORVM. Very Fine

Scotland, Charles I, 12 Shillings

Scotland, Charles I (1625-49) Third Coinage, Twelve Shillings, Falconer's Issue, mintmark Leaved Thistle, F at end of obverse legend. Die crack on edge at 2 o'clock otherwise Good Very Fine with a an superbly struck portrait of the King.

Scotland, David II, Four Pence (Groat) Very Fine

Scotland, David II (1329-1371) Groat (4d) Edinburgh Mint. Very Fine with well struck portrait.

Scotland, Robert II, Four Pence (Groat) Very Fine

Scotland, Robert II (1371-1390), Groat (4d) Edinburgh Mint. Very Fine