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Royal Mint Coins are very popular with coin collectors from around the world. Over the years the Royal Mint has produced a significant number of commemorative coins, medals, and bullion, as well as all of the UK’s circulating coinage. As one of the UK’s biggest and oldest coin dealers, we sell Royal Mint coins to collectors and not investors. That is why you won’t find on this page all of the commemorative coins the Royal Mint has released throughout the years. That is because, in our opinion, and from a collector’s perspective, some of the items produced by the Royal Mint are just not worth collecting… Richard, our founder, has given an extensive interview for coin update on how national mints often let coin collectors down. You can view this article and many others on our News page.

Here you’ll find some of the most popular items the Royal Mint has released, which we think are worth collecting sold at fair prices. Such as the Britannia Coins, the Royal Mint Gold SovereignRoyal Mint Proof Coin Sets, and some of the Royal Mint 50ps. These are not the only items worth collecting, but they tend to be very popular with collectors. Scroll down to see more items we think will be worth your time and money.

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Picture of Elizabeth II, Half Sovereign, 2011 BU

Elizabeth II, Half Sovereign, 2011 BU

Gold Half-Sovereign dated 2011 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition
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Elizabeth II, New York Exhibition Crown Prooflike, 1960

Elizabeth II, New York Exhibition Crown Prooflike, 1960

In 1960 the Royal Mint issued only its second crown for our new Queen, Elizabeth II. But some were issued for the British Pavilion at the New York Exhibition. You can tell these because they are Prooflike rather than matt Uncirculated. I believe that the 1960 crown in any condition is the most difficult Elizabeth II crown to find. The Prooflike one is much underrated and to be honest, most collectors are not even aware of it.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Prince Louis Silver Penny 2018 (in Royal Mint Case)

Elizabeth II, Prince Louis Silver Penny 2018 (in Royal Mint Case)

In 2018 the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge had another son. They named him Louis and the Royal Mint struck some of the 1 Pence coins in Brilliant Uncirculated Sterling Silver to commemorate the event. We have them in the Official Royal Mint case with certificates or in the American slabs, the choice is yours. Supplies are very limited and they are rather nice whichever way you want them.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Sapphire Wedding £5 Silver Proof, 2018

Elizabeth II, Sapphire Wedding £5 Silver Proof, 2018

If you're looking for a bargain, this is piece is certainly one. The Royal Mint has charged between £82.00-£88.00 for silver proof £5 pieces. You can have this 2018 Sapphire Jub Coronation £5 Silver Proof while stocks last for just £49.50. Get it while you can! It is certainly a bargain at our price of just £49.50.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Scarce 1960 Crown EF

Elizabeth II, Scarce 1960 Crown EF

In 1960 the Royal Mint issued a Special Crown for the British Exhibition in New York. It is without doubt, the most difficult of the Queen Elizabeth II Crowns to obtain. The mintage figure is just over a million coins, but they almost never turn up, where are they all? On the obverse is the Queen, the first time her portrait had been on a crown and on the reverse are four shields. Here we offer this coin in Extremely Fine.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Silver Proof Charles & Diana Crown 1981 FDC in case

Elizabeth II, Silver Proof Charles & Diana Crown 1981 FDC in case

Struck in Sterling Silver measuring 38.61 mm and weighing 28.28 grammes.

Elizabeth II, Silver Proof Pound 1996

The 1996 Silver Proof Pound is now 22 years old it would make an excellent gift for someone born or married in 1996. It has the Northern Ireland design on it which is the Celtic Cross and should appeal to anyone who has Celtic blood in them. Each coin comes in a protective capsule inside the case of issue as issued by the Mint. The obverse has the Maklouf bust of the Queen and this is the penultimate issue with this bust. I think they are handsome and our price on this Sterling Silver Proof 1996 Silver Proof Pound is £39.50.

Elizabeth II, Silver Proof 'Scottish' Pound in capsule FDC, 1994

New reverse design to honour Scotland with the Maklouf portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse.
Picture of Elizabeth, £2 Silver Proof, 2009

Elizabeth, £2 Silver Proof, 2009

A dealer we know broke up some Royal Mint 2009 all Silver Proof Sets for the Kew Gardens 50p. We were able to buy the rest of the sets at a most reasonable price, which we are now passing on to you. There were six (6) sets, so there are just six of each of the following Sterling Silver Proof coins. Here we present the £2 in its Royal Mint Protective capsule, at this price it is well worth thinking about…
Picture of Solomon Islands, £5 Churchill Silver Proof 2015

Solomon Islands, £5 Churchill Silver Proof 2015

In 2015 the Royal Mint issued a crownsized £5 to honour Winston S. Churchill, our wartime Prime Minister. We have offered the Sterling Silver Piedfort of this coin before, but this is the first time that we offer the regular thickness. It is struck in Proof Sterling Silver rather than the double thickness of the Piedfort. Churchill is always popular and as we have less than 40 examples available it should be a quick seller. You have H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and Sir Winston Churchill in a rather interesting and I think beautiful portrait. You have had the Piedfort now is the time for the ‘regular’ VIP Sterling Silver Proof.

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