New Stock November 2020

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Picture of 10 FDCs Special Offer

10 FDCs Special Offer

We have just taken delivery of 20 crates containing some 31,250 First Day Covers (FDC) and even at our new location, they take up a lot of space. Most are British, a few are from the Channel Islands, and few from overseas. Normally we would sort them, so as to be able to offer them by type, but this time there are just too many and we are too busy trying to get our stock in order! Many of you have ordered our FDC packages in the past and very few were ever returned. This is in many ways a much more interesting lot and fresh to the market. Some of the covers are from the 1960s others are much more modern but all are First Day Covers. Most British commemoratives but there are also British fiscal FDCs that are scarcer and a few from other countries. We have asked staff members, who know nothing about stamps to make up packages of 10 different covers. Just count them out and make sure there are NO duplicates. That way every collector has the same chance to get some wonderful covers. We are going to offer a package of 10 different First Day Covers at a special price of just £8.95 that is less than 90p a cover! They make great gifts, and the holiday season is almost here. While they last 10 FDCs for just £8.95. We think it is good value and you will love them.
Picture of 3 South Pacific Part Colour Coins

3 South Pacific Part Colour Coins

We bought 100 sets of these three coins, because we wanted to support these two countries in trying something new, part colouring their coins. They are commemorative coins with a partial colourizing. Solomon Islands $2, 2018 with Queen Elizabeth II for their 40th Anniversary of Independence. Papua New Guinea, 50T 2008 for 35th anniversary of Bank of Papua New Guinea, 50T 2015 XV Pacific Games Port Moresby. Most unusual and the first I have ever seen, I was only able to get 100 sets of three coins, so only 100 lucky collectors…

British Battles & Medals

Now in its 7th edition and bigger than ever at over 800 pages, this book has been aptly named ‘The Bible of British Campaign Medals’. It is packed with information on the medals with historical background to the campaigns for which they were awarded, high-quality photographs of the medals and clasps and a full colour ribbon chart. It is a must for anyone interested in the subject and, as usual, a bargain when you buy from Coincraft. The normal retail price is £85.00 – SPECIAL HALF-PRICE DEAL FOR COINCRAFT CUSTOMERS £42.50.
Picture of Elizabeth II, (90th Birthday) £10 2016 Proof 69

Elizabeth II, (90th Birthday) £10 2016 Proof 69

This huge 5 ounce Silver £10.00 was issued by the Royal Mint in 2016 for the 90th Birthday of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II. It is a huge and impressive coin. You have a crowned E II R 90 in a carved ring within a wreath of intricately engraved roses. H. M. Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse. A marketing company in America bought them from the Royal Mint, including the first 500 of these coins that the Mint struck. They sent them in for slabbed and if they graded 69 out of 70 or 70 out of 70, they then had the coins slabbed. The Proof 69 Ultra Cameo examples they left in the slabs. The presentation is outstanding, these were sold by the Royal Mint at £420.00 a coin. You can have this Proof 69 for just £295.00 - £125.00 less than the Mint sold them for.
Picture of Elizabeth II, 5 Pence 2000 Silver Proof

Elizabeth II, 5 Pence 2000 Silver Proof

This is the old style 5 Pence piece, you know the ones we all liked. It which was issued up until 2008, then we changed over to the current design. We bought a group of beautiful Sterling Silver Proof examples of the 2000 5 Pence, which you usually see only in cupro-nickel. So this is a Special Issue at a very Special Price. You have the Ian Rank-Broadley bust of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and a crowned thistle on the reverse. This is the second type, the reduced size that we use today, but it has a totally different design on both sides. You can own the Sterling Silver Proof 2000 Queen Elizabeth II Five Pence, that we normally sell for £27.50, for just £17.50 which saves your £10.00. A Sterling Silver Proof 5 Pence for just £17.50, now that is a bargain. Supplies are of course limited, get in while you can.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Collection of 3 Silver Proof Round Pounds (1983-2014)

Elizabeth II, Collection of 3 Silver Proof Round Pounds (1983-2014)

Since the round pound was first issued in 1983 there have been 3 different busts of H.M. the Queen: The Machin bust (1983-4), the so-called Maklouf bust (1985-97), and the Rank-Broadley bust (1998-2014). We have taken one of each type in gleaming Sterling Silver Proof, put them in a protective holder, and then put all 3 holders in a handsome display case. That way you can see all three busts at the same time. Some of the types are not easy to get, so We think our price for this three-piece type set of just £125 is quite reasonable, but supplies are very limited. They are not easy to find. This would make a wonderful gift for someone, especially if they are too young to remember the Round Pound. The three Sterling Silver Proof Pounds in a handsome display case just £125.00. All 3 portraits of the Queen.