Ireland - Decimal Proof Set 1971 Special

Irish Decimal Proof Set 1971 Special
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In 1971 Ireland went Decimal, in 2002 they will do away with their own coinage completely and use the Euro. The 1971 Proof Set has always been one of the tough ones to get, at no time in the past 30 years have I ever had more than ten in stock at any one time.

The set comes in a brilliant green folder. It contains Proof examples of the ‘New’, Halfpence, One Pence, Two Pence, Five Pence, Ten Pence and 50 Pence all dated 1971. These coins are sealed in cellophane and are in as nice condition as they were when they were issued 30 years ago.

The Official mintage figure was just 50,000 sets and it is a very difficult set to find. I am not only pleased with our purchase of these sets, but that they were bought at a price which allows us to offer them to you at a very reasonable price. When we buy right, we sell right.

You can own one or more of the Official Ireland’s First Decimal Proof Set in the original Green wallet of issue for just £14.50. This is just a little more than the price I had to pay, when I need them.

Our supplies are limited and we are limiting orders to just 3 sets maximum at only £14.50 per set. At this price they are worth putting away for your children or grandchildren, after all they are a piece of Irish history. They will never be made again…

These coins are no more, they now use the Euro.