Hello and Welcome Collectors...

Please put in your diary that the Coincraft Annual Sale is on the 16th – 24th of November. Friday the 16th is Donut Day, where we serve wonderful Crispy Cream Donuts. The Sale continues until Saturday the 24th of November. On the Monday, 26th of November everything goes back to their normal prices.
 If you haven’t attended one of our Sales, then don’t miss this one. We close the shops on the Thursday the 15th and totally clean them out. It is also a chance to clean the shops at least once a year! Then we fill them with coins, banknotes, ancient coins, antiquities, medallions, supplies and everything else. But and this is the most important thing, everything is reduced by 20%-80%! Once a year we try and clean things out and reduce the prices till it hurts. Unfortunately you have to be here to take part in The Sale; we just can’t do it mail order.
We always have some great Special Offers for the first dozen people who come into The Sale and this year is no exception. But this year we are keeping secret just exactly what these Special Offers are. Last year we had too many people who tried to buy them through the Post or over the phone, this year you will just have to trust us. They are great items and they save you a bunch of money, but you will have to join the crew on Donut Day to see what they are.
What happens is you have 100 of an item, after advertising it; you have 2-3 left. What do you do with those last few items? You put them in The Sale at great discount prices. We will have Gold coins for sale at just 10%-15% over their Gold melt value, Joan always loves these coins. Yes, we do have people sleep out for the first day of the sale, don’t we Clive? This year it is a little later than usual because Claire and I will be on a cruise during the normal time. I need time to recuperate and the sea air will do me a heck of a lot of good.
Do try and make The Sale, you will save a bunch of money and as it is just before the Holiday Season, a great time to buy presents.
Stay well, be happy and keep on collecting
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