Cuba Che Guevara Trio 1960

A set of 3 notes issued by Cuba in 1960 with the signature of Che Guevara as President of the National Bank

When Fidel castro and his supporters overthrew the Batista regime in Cuba, there was a need to introduce new banknotes. Initially, the old Batista designs were used until a completly new series could be organised.

Che Guevara was appointed President of the National Bank of Cuba in 1959, much to the surprise of man. One of the stories told, supposedly by Che himself, was that Fidel Castro asked if there was an economist in the room. Che raised his hand and was duly appointed President of the Bank. Che had misheard Castro, thinking he had been asking for a communist. He subsequently signed Cuban banknotes with his nickname and nom de guerre ,Che.

This set of three Cuban notes dated 1960 all feature Che's signature. Available in 2 grades, Fine and Very Fine.

Cuba Che Guevara Trio 1960 Cuba Che Guevara 1960 Trio Very Fine
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