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Charles Laffitte Share Certificate, 1866 Unissued.

Certificate for one £20 share for Charles Laffitte & Company Limited, 13"x7".

Cuba, Foreign Exchange Certificates Series C 500 Pesos PFX18 Unc

Cuba Foreign Exchange Certificate 500 pesos Series C PFX18 Simple design Unc

Fantastic Collection of 7 different German Bonds

The denominations are: 12.5, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Reichsmarks.

Greece, Lesbos Coin & Map Bond

Dating from the 1950's and measuring approximately 13" x 11"

Hungary, Budapest Lloyd Share Bond Cert 1923

These impressive bonds for 100 kronen were issued in 1923 to raise funds for the Lloyd Bank. Complete with uncashed coupons, the design is very striking with an ornate border featuring cherubs with cornucopia of coins and fruit. They are blind embossed and measure approx 12 x 15. Kept folded over the years, the edges are a little ragged but this is one bond that would really look spectacular framed.

Overend Gurney & Co Ltd £50 1865 Share Cert

Overend Gurney was a London wholesale discount bank, known as The Banker’s Bank operating in the 19th century. Well respected, for a long time it was considered the greatest discounting house in the world. In 1865 it issued shares that sold at a premium. This success was shortlived because there was a rapid collapse in the prices of stocks and shares. Overend Gurney appealed to the Bank of England for help but was refused. The bank suspended payments and a run on the bank followed. When Northern Rock collapsed in more recent times, commentators compared the queues outside the bank branches to the queues outside Overend Gurney Offices in 1866. The bank went into liquidation and more than 200 companies also failed as a result. These £50 shares are dated 1865 and measure 8.25 Inches x 5.5 inches with an impressed seal and signed by the Secretary. £24.50 each.

Russia, Pre-Revolution Railway Bonds dated 1913.

£20 bond issued to raise money for the Armavir Touapse Railway Company in 1913. Measuring approx. 250x325mm

Twenty Well Stone & Brick Company Ltd. £10 Share

Early £10 Share Certificate for the Twenty Well Stone & Brick Company Ltd. Dated 1871 and measuring 10" x 6.5"

United States of America, Confederate States of America, $500, Bond Act, 1861

Confederate States of America, $500, Bond Act, 19th August, 1861. Vignette features Judah P. Benjamin. Signed by Robert Tyler. 27 coupons attached.

York City & County Banking Co Share 1850-80’s

York City & County Banking Co Share 1850-80’s. These £25 share certificates were issued to raise money for York City and County Banking Company. They are dated between 1850 and 1880’s. I say they are stunning because of the wonderful vignettes at the top of the share certificate. The central vignette is of York Minster flanked by illustrations of two of the ancient city gates. They measure approx 250mm x 215mm. They are signed by the Manager of the company alongside signatures of two of the directors. Kept folded over the years, so grading GVF-EF, they would look wonderful framed and are just £45 each.