Australia, One Kilo Silver for Year of the Monkey

Very limited supply of this incredible coin weighing one kilo of fine silver!
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SKU: FAU1001

We have recently received our allotment of the One Kilo Silver coins from Australia for the Year of the Monkey. It has a nominal face value of $30.00 and contains 1,000 grams of 999 fine silver. It depicts a parent monkey playing with her off-spring. Today the Royal Mint charges £2000 for their kilos in proof, this coin is brilliant uncirculated and a heck of a lot cheaper.

Our allocation was very small so we only have limited supplies of this incredible coin so it is worth getting in quickly while stocks last and before the silver price goes up and we have to increase our prices. Remember, this coin contains a kilo (over 32 ounces) of pure silver.